Friday, February 24, 2012

Can you speak Street Predator?

If you want to be understood by someone it makes sense to speak their language. But it might surprise you to know that a street predator doesn't speak the same language that you do. They use something I call : Predator-Speak.

Let me explain.....  Firstly, it's important to understand that a street predator is not interested in having a conversation.  Regardless of what they say to you, they're simply trying to intimidate you and talk their way in close so they can launch a sudden surprise attack.

That's why they use swearing, abuse and aggressive threats... but more about that in a minute.

To effectively communicate with a predator you have to understand the effects of adrenaline.

An adrenaline surge is a natural survival response that occurs when you suddenly find yourself in a dangerous situation. It makes you faster, stronger, and feel less pain.

But it also has some negative effects.  Your vision becomes tunnel-vision, so you don't see with the broad scope that you do now.  If you cup both hands either side of your eyes you'll see what I mean.  And your hearing becomes tunnel-hearing, so you basically only hear what's happening in front of you.

This all goes back to when our survival relied on our ability to focus on the threat that was right in front of us... a bear or a wolf that we were trying to kill, or that was trying to kill us.

Another physical effect of an adrenalin surge is the inability to perform fine-motor skills... and that includes forming normal sentences.

That's why predators (or anyone experiencing a full adrenalin surge) will usually speak in short words and phrases.  An example in predator-speak would be .....

"What the f#ck are you lookin at? You wanna taste of me you f#cka?"

That's the language of a street predator : abuse ; threats ; intimidation ; and a speech pattern affected by a pre-fight adrenalin surge.

And if you want to be understood by a street predator, you have to be able to speak their language... because it's the only thing they understand or respect.

Now that's not as easy as you might think.  Most people can use a swear word here and there... but it's harder to string together a series of threats and abuse.

As part of my Personal Protection Workshops I will often expose participants to swearing and abusive threats.  Why?  Because it gets them used to the shock tactics used by a street predator (as they close the distance to attack).

But I also recommend that they learn to use predator-speak, because it can work as an effective de-escalation technique... telling the street predator (in their own language) that you're not the easy target they initially thought you were.

It short, it can make them wonder if you just might be too risky to attack... because they don't want to get hurt themselves... they just want to hurt someone else!

So why not give it a try... silently in your own mind.  It might be a bit difficult at first, but if it can stop a violent attack, then it's certainly worth practicing.

I'll help you start... imagine yourself adopting a primal threat indicator : standing side-on, chin down, making pointing (stabbing) gestures with your forefinger, and in a deep menacing voice saying : "Stay back... f#ckin stay back... you ass-h*le!"

It's harsh language I know... but it's much safer than trying to fend off a sudden vicious assault.

It's Primal Protection.

For insight into the Attack Ritual of a Street Predator, click on the link below :

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