Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Defensive Driving Tactic *(dominate the lane)

Professional body-guards will always try to dominate the lane when driving.  That means that they drive closer than normal to the white line in the middle of the road. 

Why do they do that?  For several reasons really :
  • firstly it ensures good vision of the road ahead
  • secondly, it stops other drivers wanting to squeeze past
  • thirdly, it gives you the space to take evasive action if someone tries to run you off the road.
 It's a simple defensive driving tactic... and easy to do with just a little practice.

Let's take a moment to examine how most people drive.  Did you know that drivers generally position their vehicle away from the white line in order to create distance from on-coming traffic.

That's understandable, but from a defensive driving point of view, leaving so much space between you and the white line allows car-jackers or kidnappers to come up along the outside and suddenly cut across in front of you.  And that will usually leave you no other option than to drive off onto the shoulder of the road.

Criminals can then quickly position their car across in front of you, which forces you to stop.  And sometimes a second car will pull in behind you... blocking your ability to reverse back away.

However, if you safely dominate the lane it makes it difficult to force you off the road, because you have the necessary room to take evasive action.

Note : The only time that body-guards will drive in the middle of a lane is when they're in the center lane of a multi-lane highway.  From this position they can take evasive action in either direction - to the right or the left.

Now you might not have to face the threat of car-jackers or kidnappers, but knowing how to dominate a lane can be an effective way of avoiding a road-rage incident.

It will give you room to take evasive action against any attempt to force you off the road (or onto an exit)... where you would be vulnerable to a physical confrontation. 

It's Primal Protection.

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