Thursday, February 2, 2012

Primal Attack Ritual *(there's no voice of reason)

When people try to tell you that you should try to 'reason' your way out of a confrontation with an aggressive predator, perhaps you can explain to them that predators are not Vulcans... they're more like Klingons with a blood-lust (see image below).

Street predators aren't in any way open to the voice of reason. They have only one thought on their mind... a surprise attack.... and this is the ritual they use to get close enough to do that :
  • they generally start with aggressive eye-contact *(target selection)
  • then they quickly close the distance on their intended victim
  • next comes the verbal intimidation : "What the f*ck are you looking at?"
  • and as the victim responds "I don't want any trouble...." BAM they're brutally assaulted. 
Now this is the important point to remember : It doesn't matter what you say in response to a predator's verbal intimidation.  All they hear is "Blah, blah, blah", because they're not really listening.  They're simply trying to close the distance on you by giving you the impression that the fight hasn't started yet.
But the fight actually started with the eye-contact.  That's the moment they selected you as a target... and everything they did after that was simply a tactic to stop you running away before they got to you.
It's a primal thing!  All predators in nature use an approach that's something like this. They find a way close the distance on their potential victim, then suddenly pounce for the kill.

So what can you do if you're casually looking around and catch the aggressive eye of a predator?
Well if you stare back it can be seen as a challenge... a threat... and prompt the predator to immediately close the distance and attack.
If you look down in fear, you will be seen as a potential victim... an easy target... and that can prompt the predator to immediately close the distance and attack. 
The best tactic to apply is to show no emotion and simply shift your gaze a little, while keeping sight of the predator from the corner of your eye.  In this way you can see them coming if they decide to close the distance and test your vulnerability. 
If they do start to walk towards you, keep in mind that the fight has already started, and you can't afford to let them get close enough to launch their surprise attack.  That's generally going to be 'talking range'... about 2 feet.  And it's the same for most stabbings.
So before they get that close you should move to open the distance.  Face them side-on to narrow your body... and point straight at the predator's face. This is a 'primal threat indicator'... a tactic I'll write more about in another posting.

If you're standing in a corner or up against a wall as a predator walks toward you, then move around to your right or your left as they get close. This will take away the possibility of a close-quarter surprise attack, and also let the predator know that you are aware of his/her intention.
At this point they will generally start their verbal intimidation :"What the f*ck are you looking at?" or "Do you wanna a taste of this do ya?"
Remember, it doesn't matter what you say at this point... they're not really listening... they're just trying to work their way close enough to launch a surprise attack.
What ever you do say - for example "Stay Back" or "Calm down" - it should be said in a firm deep tone so that everyone nearby can hear you... because you're not actually talking to the predator, your talking to all the potential witnesses who will be able to say that they heard you try to de-escalte the confrontation. 
(Note : This can be very important at a later date, especially if you're talking to the Police).
At this stage in the confrontation the predator may still decide to attack you... but a close-quarter attack is no longer possible because you've created a safe distance (at least 6 feet), and your stance demonstrates that you're aware and ready to defend yourself. 
So now that you no longer look like an easy target... the predator has to evaluate the real risk that they might also get hurt if they continue with their attack. 
And if they pause at all, begin a gradual retreat... retaining your body-language and commanding tone of voice! 

It's Primal Protection.
For insight into 'The Second Wave - Dealing with the Police', click on the link below :


  1. Your posts are brilliant and so true. Most Sheep will ignore them as "aggressive" or "paranoid" but those of us involved in the Warrior sciences know the truth.

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