Saturday, March 17, 2012

Primal Dissuasion *(looking like a hard target)

The photos in this post are of actors from the BBC television series 'Spooks', and they highlight a particular way of dressing I call Alpha-styling.  In terms of self-protection, it can determine if a street predator sees you as a potential target or not... and I'll explain why.

Some time ago I presented Personal Protection workshops that involved learning a range of avoidance skills :
  • how to look and act like a hard target 
  • understanding the mind-set of a street predator
  • how to do a 'cleaning run' if you thought you were being followed
  • and applying body-guarding basics to protect your friends and family.
As part of the experience I explained that a predator will take one look at the way you dress, and quickly decide if you're a soft (easy) target, or a hard (difficult) target. And if you are a soft target, they'll quickly plan their approach.

It's a primal thing... natural selection... predators of every kind will always attack the easiest or weakest target in the herd first.

At that point I asked everyone to pick 2 or 3 other people in the group and make a list of things about the way they dress that might make them look like a soft target.  For example : height ; build ; posture ; clothing ; watch ; jewellery ; hair style ; etc.

After that, I asked everyone to objectively list a few things about their own appearance that might make them look like a soft target.

It was a revealing experience for everyone to suddenly see themselves through the eyes of a street predator. 
And that was the point... to understand that fashion trends can sometimes make you look like a soft target, and actually encourage a physical confrontation.

The current trend of men wearing large sunglasses is a typical example. Why?  Because large sunglasses hide facial features, and create a smooth soft look.  Now that sense of mystery may be attractive on a women... but on a man it does nothing to enhance his natural masculinity. 

Have you ever noticed that people in dangerous occupations - bodyguards, police, firefighters, rescue workers, the military - all wear small-framed sunglasses?  It's because small glasses reflect a serious focused attitude.

So how does Alpha styling make you look like a hard target to a street predator?  Well it makes a statement.  It says this man is obviously no-nonsense, and he comes across as having a strength and a capability.

Why does that work?  Because predators generally don't want the hassle of dealing with someone who's going to be a difficult target... because they might actually get hurt themselves... and that's something they want to avoid.

So regardless of how young or old you are, make sure your overall look is :
  • simple (a practical choice of clothing)
  • strong (wear fitted items in solid colours)
  • functional (no unnecessary adornments or decorations).

In summary :
  • dress with a minimalist approach... which is simple, strong, and functional
  • your clothes should be fitted to complement your best physical features
  • and use solid colours as the foundation of your wardrobe.

It's Primal Protection.
For more on dressing in a way that has a positive effect on your
personalsocial and business relationships
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  1. These are some real hard observations. Thanks so much and very good points! Sample Statements

  2. Tons of people asks for directions in NYC when one wears a sport jacket [kind of like Bond's in picture above:)]. Switching to plain [t-]shirt makes you invisible. Somehow jacket makes you a trustworthy person.