Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Making a Plan to Protect Your Family

This feedback on making a plan to protect your family comes from Melbourne martial arts instructor, Sean Genders.  He has been involved in the Australian Film Industry for the past twenty years, primarily as a Special Make Up Effects Artist, and now as a Director.
Complimentary to his film work Sean is a martial artist with over two decades of experience. His classes focus on reality-based personal protection, and how traditional concepts can fit into a modern world. Here's what he had to say about formulating an effective safety plan... something he had to apply daily when he was working in Namibia, on the set of the Mad Max movie 'Fury Road' :
The first thing to identify is where (and by whom) an attack is most likely to occur. In my case, my wife and I are prepared for a couple of different situations, and we adjust and discuss these depending on our travels.
If we're out in the city and an altercation starts, my wife will automatically move herself to a safe place, out of harms way. This means that :
  1. she won't get in my way should the confrontation become physical
  2. and I know she’s safe and I don't have to worry about her.
She will try to locate herself so that her back is to a wall, where she has a clear view of the situation, and will call police if necessary.
Having her back to a wall means that she is also safe from any unforseen friends of any aggressor that I may be dealing with. She knows that regardless of the situation her safety is paramount, and if need be she will get to a safe place, even if that means not being able to see what's going on.
In the event of a ‘home intruder’ the same rule applies - she will keep safe, and call the police.

Recently I encountered an intruder in my yard at 1am. When I went out to engage them, I closed the door behind me to keep my wife safe. She could see what was going on, and called the police.
In the event of an intruder ever getting into the house, she will ensure she keeps herself out of the way. In our current residence if need be, she will lock herself in our bathroom or bedroom, both of which have an added internal lock. And she will take her phone with her.
If you do have an intruder in your yard.. do not immediately turn on your lights or alert them to your presence unless there are a number of them and you want them to know that you know they’re there. You can see a lot outside of your windows at night, putting lights on just makes it easier for them to see YOU. However turning on exterior lights only will often have the effect of causing the intruders to flee.
Always call the police if you’ve had intruders!  Any description you can provide can help to identify and catch repeat offenders that may be on a crime spree in your area. Also to note that the first time you call is the first time it is reported… so if you wait until a 2nd or even 3rd intrusion it is legally recorded as just being the 1st time.
If you are going to have a small Tactical Torch to use as a defensive tool... give some thought to where you keep it?  I keep mine beside the bed, and because I don’t wear pyjamas, I also keep a pair of pants beside the bed. This is not being paranoid, this is being prepared.... I'm going to be taken more seriously if I'm wearing pants :) 
It's simple and easy to construct a ‘common sense’ plan. Start with a discussion with you partner, and explore the options of what you can do at home (or on the street) should a confrontation take place. Without a plan, your partner will most likely get in the way or distract you from protecting yourself, and them.

You might start with deciding which room is going to be your ‘safe’ room at home?… and check to see if it needs an extra bolt or something to make it more secure?

If you keep a bat of some kind by the door (for protection), always have a ball nearby as well… just to prove that you’ve got it there to play with occasionally. Otherwise it looks as though you have the bat there with the intent to use it as a weapon, which in some places can be a chargeable offence if you do actually hit somebody with it.

As an option, you might consider investing in an unbreakable self-defence umbrella :

It's Primal Protection.

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