Saturday, September 21, 2013

Protection for the Home, Office, Travel, or Working Out

No it's not a light-sabre from Star Wars... but that would be cool wouldn't it.  It's a tactical torch... one of several everyday objects that can be used as a weapon of self-defence.

Not impressed?  I won't be surprised if you weren't. Most people regard weapons as being things like a handgun, or a machete, or a knife. A torch isn't a real weapon

And that brings me to an interesting point. When most people go and buy a handgun, or a machete or a knife, in their minds they're buying power... as if the object by its very nature has a power that becomes yours when you hold it in your hand.

Now there's no denying the psychological effect of someone seeing a recognisable weapon in your hand... but just about anything can be used as a weapon... even a plastic credit card.

How? Why? Because it's the application and targeting that gives an object its power to protect.

So if you hold a small tactical torch in the palm of your hand, with the lens extending out from the base of your fist... and strike an attacker on the nose or the side of the jaw, you're going to disrupt their attack.  And that can give you the opportunity to quickly strike again... or to create a safe distance... or to begin your escape. 

You can buy small inexpensive torches (in a range of colours) at most petrol stations. They are lightweight, so it's easy to carry one while you're running early in the morning or late at night.

Of if you're a cyclist, you could attach a tactical torch to your handle-bars, to be both a headlight and a quick release self protection tool.

Now this brings us to something you can carry with you anywhere... and yet is has the capacity to knock someone senseless. It's the humble rolled-up magazine... and you can use it as a short baton... or strike with the butt (which extends down from the base of your fist).

For close-quarter striking you would use the same hammer-fist action that you would use with a tactical torch.  Every airline gives you one of these tools of personal protection for free, every time you board an aircraft... and they're usually quite thick and well-made.

Now we come to an object that many people carry, and yet most wouldn't consider it to be something that you could protect yourself with. I'm referring to a water bottle... just a small plastic water bottle that's filled with water. And it's the 'filled with water' aspect that gives this little  plastic bottle it's strength and striking power.

All you need to do is grip the neck of the bottle with your thumb and forefinger, with your palm positioned naturally down around the flange. With the main part of the bottle extending down from the base of your fist, once again you would strike by using the same hammer-fist action that you would use with a torch or a rolled-up magazine

If you carry a small aluminium or stainless steel bottle... well the impact potential speaks for itself.

The point to keep in mind with all of these everyday objects is that they're not generally considered to be weapons... which is very important in countries where it is illegal to carry handguns, knives, or weapons of any kind... even for self defence.

Finally, something that can be carried at work, on a plane, or when you're travelling overseas. It's not just a pen, it's a tactical pen... a pen that's so tough and durable that you can fight with it.

Again, all you have to do is hold it in the palm of your hand with your thumb on the clicky end... and use the same hammer-fist action that you would use with a torch, a magazine, or water bottle.

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Keep in mind that a tactical pen, a torch, a rolled-up magazine and a small bottle of water can all be applied in the same way... with a simple hammer-fist action.... striking with the section protruding from the base of your fist.

It's a simple and effective gross-motor action, and the 3 basic strikes are as follows : 
  • diagonally down (with a stabbing action)
  • backhanded horizontally (palm facing down)
  • and forehanded horizontally (palm facing up).

All you need is a little basic training, and you'd be surprised how confident you can feel with one of these everyday items in your hand. Remember it's the application and targeting that gives an object its power to protect.  YOU are the weapon... whatever is in your hand is just a tool.

It's Primal Protection

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