Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Avoiding Conflict - It's a Mind Game!

This is something anyone can do in an attempt to de-escalate (slow, stop) a confrontation.....

If a predator tries to close the distance on you (to launch an attack), a shove to the upper chest with both hands will generally send your adversary stumbling back, and trigger an adrenalin surge in their body.  And in that split second an opportunity to de-escalate the confrontation opens up.....

If your shove is followed by you stepping forward towards them, it can trigger a FIGHT response... and you don’t want that. 

But if you shove them and step back away to open the distance, it can trigger a FLIGHT response. Why? Because you’ve simultaneously presented a physical threat, and an opportunity for them to escape that threat.

It’s a trick of the mind – a primal response that's hard-wired into the human brain. So push hard (using your legs for extra power), and step back away!

Standing side-on, pointing at them and telling them to “Back off” in a strong confident tone can add to the psychological effect.

This body-language tactic is called a primal threat indicator... and it creates the impression that you have a serious intention to attack... even though you really just want to avoid further conflict.

It's Primal Protection.

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