Thursday, December 18, 2014

I'm a Predator - and this is how I'll set you up!

First I’ll make eye-contact... then I’ll close the distance... I’ll intimidate you into not resisting... then I’ll attack you without warning.

And it doesn’t matter what you try to say to me, because I’m not really listening, and I don’t really care. I just want to get so close that I can attack you without you seeing it coming.

So whatever you do, don’t let me close the distance to talking range (two feet).  No matter what I say or how I say it, move back or move around… and extend your hands forward slightly to create a defensive barrier.  Because all I want to do is get close, make you think that the attack hasn’t actually started yet, then strike you without warning.

In simple terms... I want to attack you... but I want it to be easy... and I want to avoid the risk of being injured myself.  It's what all predators want! 

But let's take a couple of minutes to explore in more detail how you can disrupt this type of set-up.

Firstly, keep this in mind... as long as a predator experiences no risk of pain or injury, they will keep trying to close the distance on their intended victim. 

They will generally do this by using threats and intimidation... which is meant to frighten the victim into being passive (and not resisting).

If their intimidation isn't working, a predator might even switch from being aggressive to being friendly... but it's just another way to try and close the distance, and attack.

I've even seen situations where a predator was pushed back away, then claimed that they had been assaulted... at which stage the victim thought they had done the wrong thing, and they actually let the predator get close (again)... only to suffer a sudden brutal attack.

So distance is always the first-and-best defensive response.  There's no point in trying to get a predator to see reason... they're not open to reason... they're a predator on the hunt for a victim.

(If you're standing this close with your hands down - you will be hit.)

So step away or move around to create a safe distance... and don't let them talk their way in close to you.  If they do keep trying, shove them away with both hands... then step back away yourself to open the distance even more. 

Then immediately stand side-on, drop your chin, extend one hand half-way forward, point at them with your forefinger and aggressively tell them to "Back-off... just f#cking back-off." or something to that effect. 

This body language is called a primal threat indicator... something they will perceive as being a serious intention to attack.  It sends a message that maybe - just maybe - you could cause them some pain and suffering.  And that's something that makes most predators re-evaluate the situation!

They still might decide to try their luck... but because of your body language and the safety of distance, you stand a good chance of instinctively deflecting or blocking any attack.

It's Primal Protection.

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