Friday, January 16, 2015

When 'Losing It' can work to your Advantage

Verbal de-escalation techniques are ways of speaking that are used to try and reduce the level of violence in a confrontation. And they come in both passive and aggressive forms.

One form of aggressive de-escalation is called 'The Caged Cat'... and it’s something that can be used against a group of attackers.

How does it work? Well it's a primal thing. We (humans) have an innate fear of the unknown, in all its forms. And a crazy person is something unknown… because we can't predict what they're going to do… so we tend to fear them.

So if you're suddenly faced with the likelihood of being attacked by several people, I recommend you try The Caged Cat technique.  All you need to do is :
  • pace from side-to-side... turning on every third step
  • repeatedly and aggressively point (stab the air) with your forefinger
  • threaten, swear and insult your aggressors... because that’s the only language that street predator's understand, or respect.

The trick is to getting the group to think that maybe, just maybe, you’re completely out of your mind like a crazed cat in a cage... and that they might get seriously hurt if they tangle with you.

It takes a bit of practice (at home, in the mirror) but it's surprisingly effective. For more information click on to this post :
It's Primal Protection.

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