Friday, December 18, 2015

Timeless Warrior Mythlogy

Long before Star Wars we had a mythology that was similar to the Jedi Knight's discovery of their full and natural potential in life. It was the story of the Knight fighting a Dragon... and on every scale of the Dragon's body were the words "Thou Shalt"... which means "You Must." 
That command represented everything the Knight was taught about life, and who and what he was supposed to be.
So the Knight faces his fears and fights the Dragon... questioning the perception of reality that he was taught by his family, and by society. 
In doing so the Knight eventually achieves Self Mastery... a realisation of who they are... their true potential as a human being... and how they can live a meaningful and worthwhile life.
The Japanese call this Musha Shugyo - Warrior Quest - and as we all now know from the Star Wars movies, a woman can just as easily become a Warrior Knight too.

Here's a video link to Joseph Campbell talking about The Hero's Journey, which includes Star Wars references : *(4mins)
It's Primal Protection.